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Welcome to RESORBA!

In the following pages you will find information about a traditional and innovative company as well as detailed descriptions of our medical products:

Wound Closure: surgical sutures
Hemostasis / Infection protection: products based on collagen (collagen sponges or foils with and without antibiotics)
Dental Surgery: special variants of our collagen products (e.g. for bone preservation) as well as a selection of surgical suture materials

Repair and Regenerate

We are concerned with all areas of surgery with its special needs and quality requirements. That is what we strive for!


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Since December 2011 RESORBA is an integral part of the AMS – Advanced Medical Solutions group. RESORBA´s success story continues, as its strong brand in addition to direct access to Europe´s predominant market helps set the course for a prosperous joint future. Information on AMS may be found at