Hemostasis / Infection protection

A universal characteristic of living nature is the regeneration of destroyed or lost tissue structures independently of external influences or help. It is this ability that modern medicine specifically seeks to use: modern medicine does not just repair defects, it also stimulates the process of regeneration of organ grafts that are identical to the body’s own.

Medicine not only exploits knowledge of genetic information and of physiological correlations, but observations of spatial structures and surface characteristics also play a notable role in the creation of potent stimulants of natural regenerative processes.

In the development of our collagen products, we consistently harness these basic principles of modern medicine.

Collagens are important components of all connective and supportive tissues in the entire organism. They are thereby involved in significant interactions: on the one hand, with cells (mitosis, "guide rail"), on the other hand, with thrombocytes as part of the clotting cascade. Both effects can be attributed to collagen as a biomaterial. The prerequisite is high-quality processing of the starting material.

KOLLAGEN-resorb, GENTA-COLL® resorb and GENTA-FOIL resorb®

Indications of the medical device in surgery

  • Hemostasis
  • Wound dressing
  • Wound tamponade and defect filler
  • Bone regeneration
  • Matrix for tissue engineering
  • Carrier material for biofactors
  • Soft tissue contouring
  • Adhesion prophylaxis
  • Temporary membran

The positive effect of collagen on wound healing and hemostasis - in areas at risk of infection - can be supplemented by adding antibiotics for protection against infections. It is precisely this possibility of topical application after surgical measures that allows the problem to be confronted where it occurs or must be overcome, without causing additional damage to the organism.

Availability of our products under consideration of the local legal regulations for medical devices. Please also re-check with our customer service.

Photo: SEM-Image KOLLAGEN-resorb, © RESORBA