The all-round suture with a medium absorption time

PGA RESORBA is a braided thread made of the polymer of glycolic acid. Individual filaments of PGA RESORBA are extruded with diameters of 0.015 mm, stretched into bundles, and braided to prevent the capillary effect. This results in a pleasantly soft and flexible braided thread. The special Resolactone coating is deposited in a thin layer around the fibre bundles.

The linear, high-molecular glycolic acid is synthesised in the presence of a catalyser. The breakdown to CO2 occurs in the tissue by the uptake of water during metabolism.

Thread structure Multifilament, braided, coated
tensile strenght "50%" About 14-21 days
Absorption characteristics See Image
Colour Violet and undyed
Delivery program Needle-thread combinations
Single thread packs
Prefabricated loops Thread diameter: USP 7/0 up to USP 5
Overview Delivery program PGA RESORBA

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